Mike & Sue

Customer Story

The Beginning

Mike and I had decided that we wanted to build a new home, so when we were driving around the St. Charles area and found this enclave of Prairie-style homes, we felt everything begin to come together. We looked at the available lots and fell in love with ours.

Choosing A Builder

We met Fred Didier because he owned the lot we wanted to buy. However, the minute we shook hands with him we knew he was going to build our house — he was so genuine and passionate about creating well-built beautiful homes that he had to be a part of this project. He introduced us to his architect Dan Marshall, with whom we also felt an immediate connection.

Building The House

We knew that building a house would be challenging, but we didn’t expect it to be so enjoyable and to go so smoothly. It was a fantastic experience to work with Fred and Dan — they work in tandem and the results are spectacular. Fred only uses the highest quality materials and sub-contractors and he kept us completely informed about what was happening. We were never surprised by a bill. He took great care of us — stayed on top of everything — ensuring that our house was well built and completed on time.

Moving In

The day we got the keys to our house and walked through the door, we were in awe. While we had seen the house being built, to actually be in it finished was extraordinary. We felt like we were walking into a house built by artists.
Two words to describe Didier Custom Homes are integrity and quality.