Jim & Janet

Customer Story

The Beginning

We had been considering moving to St. Charles for a while, so once we made up our minds, we wanted to get going. Since we had built our previous two homes, we knew that this meant undertaking building another one. We found that once you have created your own space, you can’t go back to anyone else’s floor plan.

Choosing A Builder

Our previous builder had been a true nightmare. We had problems with the quality of his work as well as his pricing. You are always going to make changes when building a house and some will add to the cost and some will decrease the cost, but in this case the changes only seemed to add, never subtract. In fact, by the time our previous house was finished, it was $100,000 over budget. When we asked if this had happened on other jobs, our other builder said it happens all the time and people always found the money. We were dumbfounded by this response. With this experience in the back of our minds, we were more than a little concerned that we find the right builder. We were not up for a repeat.

We started driving around St. Charles to see what types of lots were available. We considered other builders but after meeting with Fred, there was no question that Fred was the right builder for us.

Building The House

By the time we had selected Didier Custom Homes, they had already poured the foundation for the house and had a design. Fred was great about letting us take the design and make as many changes as we could so that the house would work better for us. It quickly became clear to us that it was incredibly important to him that we be thrilled with our house. Since we had already built a custom home, we knew the impact of the changes and also knew that Fred needed to be on top of things.

The Closing

We were stunned — Fred finished our house on time. This was the only house that we have built to be finished on schedule. When we walked into our new home, we were awed by how it had turned out. We had taken some risks with colors and building materials and to see the final product was thrilling.

Even after we closed on our house, Fred’s commitment to us still surprised us. We had a problem with our well — we had no water. We left Fred a message and within two hours, Fred was on it. Fred had the well fixed and because of his strong relationship with the subs, we were not charged even though the warrantee had expired. Once again, Fred demonstrated that he was with you every step of the way. It was such a pleasure to work with someone who is so honest and so committed to our happiness with the final product.